In 2021, 23.5% of home insurance claims were for damage related to water or freezing. Water damage can be caused by flooding, ice dams on your roof, etc, but a common cause is a plumbing leak.

Many leaks go undetected and you may not realize you have a leak until you see damage…and by that point you are going to be facing significant costs, disruption to your life, and potentially loss of or damage to irreplaceable possessions. Modern smart meters can alert you to leaks by showing real-time increases in water use, but even tiny leaks that are less obvious can cause significant damage.

Smart water security can help prevent water damage by spotting leaks right away so you can get a plumber in immediately, before any damage is done.

What is a Smart Water Leak Detector?

A smart water leak detector integrates with smart home technology to quickly detect water and prevent excess moisture. While they’re essential for water damage prevention, not all detectors are equal. Basic detectors only indicate the presence of a leak.

A smart water monitor measures your water usage, temperature, and pressure. This means they can warn you if your pipes are in danger of freezing, help you conserve water, and let you know if pressure is low. Some also run daily water leak checks, while you’re asleep, to spot the smallest leaks before they cause damage or become large leaks. This kind of monitoring is particularly valuable for vacation homes, cabins, etc, that might not be occupied at all times.

How does Flo by Moen Work?

Flo by Moen is installed on the main cold water supply line. It needs to be installed by Express Home Services or another plumbing professional. Installation requires removing a precise section of your main water pipe and the device is precision-engineered. Very few people can successfully install this kind of device themselves, and a mistake could result in an expensive bill to fix your water supply.

The main device contains sensors and a shut off valve. It then uses 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi to connect to your home internet (larger homes may need to add a Wi-Fi repeater to make sure Flo can get a good signal). Most routers are compatible with this. You can then download the free Moen App to your iPhone or Android smartphone. Alternatively, you can integrate it with, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Nice, or Ring.

Monitor your water usage and shut it off remotely using the app. If you detect unexpected water use in your vacation home, indicating a possible squatter, you can turn off the water immediately. The system’s Away mode reacts faster to unusual water use.

What Happens if Flo by Moen Detects a Leak?

Flo will alert you to leaks of any size. If a leak is significant, Flo by Moen will shut your water off to prevent damage. It uses FloSense technology to analyze your normal water usage, so it can accurately detect leaks. Most users find a leak they didn’t know they had within 60 days of installation.

If Flo turns off your water, you can go through the alerts to work out why, establish whether you have a leak, then turn it back on either through the app or by using a manual switch on the Flo by Moen device.

Why Choose Flo by Moen?

The big advantage is that Flo by Moen is the only reputable water leak monitor that also features an automatic shut-off valve. Most monitors require you to rush home and turn the water off manually if they detect a massive leak…which is obviously not going to work if you’re on vacation at Disneyland!

Flo has some other benefits too, which include:

  • Local storage of the most recent status report ensures protection during an internet outage.
  • Push notifications to your phone so you see those leak reports as soon as you look at your phone. You can stop the alert if you know it’s not a leak before it turns off your water.
  • Daily testing. Flo will turn your water off once a day, in the middle of the night, to check for any change in pressure. The vast majority of people won’t notice this test.
  • You can “sleep” Flo by Moen if you know you will have unusual water usage, such as refilling your swimming pool or having overnight guests.
  • Flo uses AI to analyze your water usage patterns so it can sense irregularities quickly, much as your robot vacuum builds a map of your home, or your phone’s autocorrect learns what words you typically use.
  • There is (contrary to some reports) no monthly fee for Flo or the app.

How Express Home Services Can Help

We have the plumbing expertise to install the Flo by Moen leak monitor and shutoff valve correctly. This includes helping you integrate it with your smart home technology so that it works smoothly with the rest of your home.

If your device does detect a leak, we can come back and fix it for you, regardless of how minor or significant it is. We provide same-day service on leaks and repairs, so you will get your issue fixed right away.

Then, we offer home maintenance services to keep your plumbing in good order. Consider getting us to check water pressure and for leaks before installing a monitor so that it is getting accurate water usage to learn from.

We recommend Flo by Moen as one of the best water monitors, in no small part because it can shut off your water if needed. Let us help you with installation and setup, and talk to us about our plumbing maintenance program to increase water damage prevention and protect your home.

If you are intrigued by Flo by Moen and want to talk about installation services in the Las Vegas area, contact Express Home Services today.

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