A gas fireplace brightens up any home. The warm glow of the flames is a welcome sight, especially during winter. But what if your gas fireplace isn’t turning on or if it smells strange when it is lit? Express Home Services is the one-stop-shop for all of your gas fireplace repair and HVAC needs. Our technicians specialize in gas fireplace repair. If your pilot won’t stay lit or your fireplace does not come on give us a call. Thanks to our experience and expertise in gas fireplace repair, you don’t need to go through winter without your fireplace.

Gas fireplaces require occasional maintenance and it is recommended that they are serviced periodically. Express Home Services offer a thorough gas fireplace inspection service. We open the fireplace and check the electrical components, inspect for improper combustion, check for gas leaks, and check overall operation. Our repair services often include disassembling and cleaning the pilot, cleaning the burners, adjusting the flame, and cleaning the glass. We stock the most common replacement parts and, in most cases, can have your fireplace up and running the same day. This should not be attempted by anyone who is not experienced with this type of maintenance, so our technicians are thoroughly trained so they are prepared to fix your fireplace.