As a Utah homeowner, you know that summers are swelteringly hot and winters are blusteringly cold. Our furnaces run all year long delivering temperature-controlled air throughout our homes. For such an essential piece of equipment in your home, it is crucial that your furnace run accurately and efficiently. Express Home Services has serviced all types of furnaces commonly installed in the Salt Lake City area, so you can feel confident that we are more than experienced enough to handle yours. At Express Home Services, we are specialists when it comes to furnace repair.

There are thousands of different models of furnaces installed in Utah homes. Some are highly efficient types of modulating gas valves and variable speed motors while some are basic 80% efficiency types with single-stage heating and a multi-speed blower motor. Many older furnaces use a standing pilot while some use spark ignition. Others use hot surface igniters. Regardless of the age or type of your furnace, we have the pros to find the problem and fix it. Furnace repair is our specialty! You can rest assured that we know how to evaluate and repair your furnace.

There are many reasons why your furnace will need repair. Our technical diagnostic will include identifying the problem as well as any other issues that are causing your furnace to break down such as airflow problems, dirty fans, improper filter setup, drainage issues, etc. We replace ignitors, heating elements, blower motors, inducer motors, limit switches, pilot lights, and more. And if we don’t have the part necessary on-hand, we can get it in the minimum amount of time possible. We have accounts set up at every furnace supply house in Salt Lake County. In most cases, we can have your part replaced on the same day! If that is not possible, it can be ordered with overnight delivery.

If your heater is acting up or is just not working at all, give us a call. We can provide options to improve your HVAC system so that it will run more efficiently and break down less often. A heavy-duty furnace cleaning is recommended while

doing the repair in many instances so that there is less buildup that can cause issues before the next annual servicing.

Our Service Call

If you have a problem with your furnace, the first step is to call us or contact us through our online contact form. During this process, we will get some basic information on your furnace and the issues it is having so that we can further understand how to get your furnace up and running at top quality as soon as possible. We will also gather contact information at this time before you and our dispatcher schedule a time to have a technician come and look at your furnace. When the time window arrives, our technician will call you to make sure it is okay to come. Once at your home, the tech will gather some further information and start the diagnostic process.

Once the issue with your furnace is determined our tech will provide the option to repair your furnace. If other issues were found in the diagnostic process, the technician will share the findings with you so that you understand the how and the why he is making these repairs. Should you have any questions or inquiries for improving the operation of your furnace our friendly technicians can explain some options as well. In most cases, we use replacement parts directly from the manufacturer of your existing furnace. This means we will go to the dealer that supplies parts from your brand of furnace. This eliminates issues that can arise by attempting to install universal parts that just don’t fit right. Fitting together parts that are not of the same brand can further damage your machine, so we do not do this during our repairs. This is one of the small things we do to get your furnace running right the first time.

We accept checks and credit cards. Call us to set up an appointment. We will be happy to help with your furnace-related needs.