Express Home Services has been providing furnace repair in North Salt Lake since 2005. Our main office is located near NSL on Orchard Drive. If you live in North Salt Lake you may have seen our vehicles in your area. Should you need HVAC or Plumbing services rest assured that we are near.

How can you know that your furnace is going out? What are the signs? Here are some things to look for:
  • Furnace turns off on its own
  • Does not reach the set temperature
  • Furnace comes on and off
  • Loud or new noises
  • Water sounds
  • Electrical smell
  • Flames do not ignite properly

If you have experienced any of these furnace issues call the experts At Express Home Services before it completely breaks down. Keep in mind – most HVAC systems that are going to fail will fail on the coldest or hottest days of the year. When you call we can schedule in many different time blocks. Our techs will call when they are on their way so you can go about your day. Furnace repairs should not be put off until the last minute.

Many homes in the area have HVAC equipment that is over 20 years old. If your system is getting up there in age make sure to get a furnace tune-up every year. Dangers such as a cracked heat exchanger, gas leaks, improper ignition, and electrical issues are more likely to occur on older systems. Please see our Furnace Tune-up page for more information.

North Salt Lake business and homeowners should consider Express Home Services for their HVAC and plumbing needs. We are familiar with the Foxboro area as well as east side neighborhoods off Eagle Ridge Drive. We have installed and repaired furnaces in the Val Verda neighborhood and on the steep roads up Center St.

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