Your furnace is the heart of your HVAC system. It runs all winter long and if you have central air it runs all summer long too. For that reason, it is important to choose the right HVAC company for your furnace installation. Express Home Services is a trusted Utah HVAC contractor with an A+ BBB Rating that offers a variety of furnaces from basic 80% efficient furnaces to 96% efficient two-stage variable furnaces which are ideal for our climate in Utah.

We install our furnaces with a common size filter that is easy to change. Our metalwork is custom fit to your existing ductwork and we seal any gaps as needed. Flue and gas line upgrades are part of every install as well.

We offer many furnace systems which are tailored to our customer’s needs. Below are just a few of our favorites:
  • 80% single-stage
    This furnace is an affordable yet quality option for many homeowners. These furnaces use a single-stage gas valve and a multi-speed motor. The heavy-gauge steel cabinet is fully insulated and the gasket blower door is very easy to open. It will not qualify for any rebates and does not have the whistles and bells of some of our other options but will provide reliable operation for many years if properly maintained.
  • 80% 2 stages with variable speed motor
    One of the best advancements in furnace technology has been the variable speed or ECM motor. These motors can ‘sense’ the airflow and adjust accordingly to put the correct airflow through your system. Variable speed motors use less electricity than standard motors and they are quieter. You will notice the pleasant difference with this type of furnace.

    These furnaces also use two-stage operation in order to heat your home in a more comfortable way. Two-stage furnaces heat your home evenly and are quieter than a single-stage furnace. They are great for homes with more than one floor and even out those hot and cold spots. On second stage operation, the two-stage gas valve will increase output delivering more heat into the furnace and at the same time the variable speed motor will automatically ramp up delivering more air through the vents. The blower speed can easily be turned up or down and will be customized by our installer to fit your home.

  • 96% single-stage
    This furnace is an excellent choice for our customers looking for a single-stage high-efficiency furnace. They are reliable and durable. Like all high-efficiency furnaces, it does require the installation of a PVC flue. These furnaces are 16% more efficient than a typical 80% furnace and will qualify for a $350 rebate from Questar.
  • 95% 2 stages with variable speed motor
    This is the furnace installation of choice for many of our customers. It has been the most popular choice for Utah homeowners. The two-stage operation provides year-round comfort and 95% of the gas it uses is going to heat your home. Smooth air delivery is something you will not want to be without once you experience it. This furnace is an excellent choice for homes with more than one floor and it’s one of the quietest furnaces around. The 2 stage heating feature on this furnace allows for even heating throughout your home. In the Fall and Spring when the temperatures are not as cold it may not even have to go into the second stage. You will see the difference in your gas and power bills. This furnace qualifies for a $400 rebate from Questar.
Additional Features:
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel tubular heat exchanger
  • Stainless-steel secondary heat exchanger
  • Self-calibrating modulating gas valve auto-configure for each installation
  • Durable silicon nitride igniter
  • Quiet variable-speed induced draft blower
  • Self-diagnostic control board with constant memory fault code history output to a dual 7-segment display
  • Color-coded low-voltage terminals with provisions for electronic air cleaner and humidifier
  • An efficient and quiet variable-speed airflow system gently ramps up or down according to heating or cooling demand
  • Multiple continuous fan speed options offer quiet air circulation
  • Auto-Comfort and enhanced dehumidification modes available


Many of our Amana® Brand furnaces come with 10-year parts 10-year labor warranty. That’s right – if your furnace breaks down within 10 years it will be fixed for free. Variable speed Amana® Brand furnaces have a lifetime heat exchanger guarantee. In the unlikely event, your heat exchanger fails Amana® Brand will provide a new furnace free of charge for as long as you own the home. This is the last furnace you will ever need to buy!


Quality equipment is an important factor to consider; however, if it is not installed correctly the benefits become obsolete. A poorly installed furnace will not heat properly, will break down, and will have a shorter than normal lifespan. An HVAC installation consists of hundreds of connections and many considerations which should only be attempted by qualified installers with many years of experience. You can expect us to use drop cloths to protect your carpet and we always leave our workspace cleaner than when we found it. At Express Home Services, we have the experience and training to properly install the best furnace systems in town. With warranties like ours, we have to.

Our motto is “You only get one chance to do it right the first time!”


Express Home Services offer several financing options for your furnace installation. Our most popular plan is 18 months no interest but we also have plans that will allow you to pay off your purchase over a longer period of time at a low-interest rate. Our friendly technicians can explain these options and help you fill out the credit application.