Ductless Heater systems are used to make spaces in homes and offices more comfortable. They are typically mounted high on a wall in every space to be heated. There are several benefits of installing such a system, including improved indoor air quality, lower costs for energy use, ease of installation, and greater flexibility.

    Express Home Services - Ductless Heat Pump InstallationDuctless systems are sometimes referred to as split systems or split-ductless systems. Because there is no ductwork, the air is taken from outdoors, where the quality of air is often better than a closed, ducted system.

    Systems with no ductwork are easy to install. The units for delivering heat can be installed in various zones throughout a space. They can be installed in spaces where ducted systems are already in place or in newly built homes or offices. They can take the place of conventional systems or can be used to improve the comfort level of indoor spaces with existing ducted systems. Express Home Services have installed thousands of heating and cooling systems. We can offer sound advice on how a ductless system should be set up.

    Heating a home or office without ductwork is more energy efficient. Temperature-controlled air goes directly into a room or zone. It doesn’t travel a distance to reach a duct in every room. This means such a system can heat or cool indoor spaces quickly. Most ductless systems are smaller, which also contributes to reduced energy usage.

    When a ducted system is installed or repaired, it can disrupt the flow of an office or home. A ductless system only requires a 3″ hole directly into the wall, from the outside. An entire system for a home or small office can be set up in less than a day. We can professionally install a Ductless Heater system in all types of homes or office spaces. Call today and find out how a ductless system can help make living or workspaces more comfortable.

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