If your commercial rooftop furnace is in need of repair, call the best HVAC company around! When the heat at your business has stopped working, you need it fixed– and fast! Express Home Services offer services and repairs for light commercial buildings such as strip malls, restaurants, office buildings, funeral homes, small businesses, banks, and more. Our service vans are equipped with ladders that will reach the roof on most 2 story buildings.

    Commercial rooftop units house all the major components of your business’ air conditioning and heating systems. So it’s important to choose a qualified commercial HVAC company that has experience with complicated commercial rooftop unit repairs. Your rooftop furnace is exposed to weather damage, contaminants, and debris that can cause corrosion, clogged filters, blocked return air grills, and more that negatively impact its operation. Express Home Services specialize in commercial HVAC services including rooftop HVAC system maintenance, repairs, and installation. If you think your commercial HVAC has been affected by any of these possibilities, give us a call and we can help!

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    Express Home Services - Commercial MaintenanceThe best way to avoid an emergency HVAC service call is to have your rooftop unit cleaned and checked each year with annual maintenance by a qualified commercial HVAC company. Filters need to be changed regularly as well. Only a qualified HVAC contractor like Express Home Services performs a complete HVAC system diagnostic to check for any additional signs of failure in the near future. A broken rooftop unit, if left to operate when in need of a repair, will eventually break down completely. Even if the problem is a minor one, ignoring it will slowly take a toll on your commercial HVAC system and take many years off of its lifespan. Preventative maintenance is the most effective way to prevent commercial HVAC failures.

    Express Home Services offer a complete service plan for your business furnace which includes scheduled filter changes, cleaning, as well as discounts on repairs and replacements. Our service plan holders can expect priority service from a technician that is familiar with their HVAC systems.

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    Express Home Services brings the same level of care and service you’ve come to expect for your home to your business. We understand your customer’s comfort is your business. When your commercial heating and air conditioning system shuts down, it can disrupt your customers, which directly affects the flow of business. We respond quickly to service calls and make sure to get the job done correctly and on time. Our certified technicians will conduct a thorough diagnostic and quickly diagnose and repair your business’ failed rooftop unit.


    Express Home Services - Commercial ReplacementWhile many other companies will push for you to completely replace your HVAC with a brand new one, we at Express Home Services will fully consider repairing the current HVAC when there is a considerable remaining lifespan on the unit. But there are times when the system does need a full reinstallation and we are more than happy to offer this service when needed. Our certified technicians will ensure that everything is up to code, and our commercial heating and cooling experts can help you choose and design a system that works for your needs and your budget to help you choose a cost-effective system for your business. We know how important it is for local business owners to keep the business running as usual, so we install new equipment in a timely manner with minimal disruption to your operation. Whether it’s an Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation, or combination unit, we have the right solution for your building! Call us today so we can assist you with an approach to replacing your rooftop units.

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