Sugarhouse is a truly unique Utah city. With its rich history and one-of-a-kind shopping centers, it really is a great place to do service work in. The older homes located in this area often present challenges not found in other neighborhoods. Most homes were built before central air was popular. When choosing an HVAC contractor for central air repair in Sugarhouse, Utah, care should be taken to make sure that an experienced technician understands the considerations on homes like yours.

Express Home Services has been in business since 2006. Since then we have improved the comfort for thousands of people in the Sugarhouse area. We install and repair central air systems for business and residential customers. When choosing an HVAC contractor in Sugarhouse it is prudent to first check their BBB page and read their google reviews.

Common Air Conditioner Repairs in Sugarhouse UT:

Low Refrigerant

One of the most common air conditioner problems in Sugarhouse is low refrigerant. In most cases when an air conditioner is low on refrigerant, there is a leak. A qualified technician will search and find the source of the leak. Once found the leak should be repaired before attempting to adjust the refrigerant. This will often include recovering the refrigerant and braising the leaking copper refrigerant line. Once the leak is tested and fixed a refrigerant adjustment can be performed.

Plugged Coils

A dirty evaporative coil will restrict airflow and can cause a central air system to freeze up. These coils are difficult to access and have delicate fins that are easy to damage. A chemical cleaner is often used. This type of central air repair should only be performed by a qualified technician. Once cleaned care should be taken to avoid this issue in the future. A good filtration system is key.

Bad Capacitors

Capacitors are used to phase the electricity to the compressor and to the outdoor fan. They tend to go out on the hottest days of the year. Often a bad capacitor is a sign that there is another issue with your central air system. Our technicians at Express Home Services can check the MFD of your central air capacitor to determine if it is within the recommended manufacturing setting.

Compressor does not come on

The compressor pumps refrigerant through the condenser, refrigerant lines, and evaporative coil. When a compressor does not come on it can often be an issue with one of the components in your air conditioner. If a compressor is bad we recommend the replacement of your central air system unless the compressor is still under warranty.

The experts at Express Home Services can provide you the information you need when making a decision on your central air repair in your Sugarhouse home. Our office is located less than 20 minutes from your neighborhood and in most cases we offer same day service to Sugarhouse. If your air conditioner is not cutting it or is not working at all please give us a call today.

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