Air conditioner repairs can be a challenge for many Utah HVAC companies. The varied types of air conditioners installed in this area are often confusing for many novice technicians. Rest assured Express Home Services has the background to fix any of the central air systems in your city.

Early spring is a great time to start up your central air system. If it does have any problems, it is better to take care of it then rather than trying to take care of it when it is 80 degrees. That is the worst time to find out you have a problem, and your checkbook will feel it.

Here are some start-up tips. If you covered your condenser during the offseason remove the cover. Make sure your breaker to the condenser is on. Change your filter. Turn your thermostat to cool and turn it down about 5 degrees from the temperature in the home. Make sure your indoor fan comes on. Check the condenser outside. Make sure it comes on and the fan is turning. Listen to the compressor. If you hear loud or hissing noises turn the system off. You will need a professional diagnosis.

If it seems okay, check the air at the registers. If possible measure the temperature. It should be at least 20 degrees colder than the air at the return. Check for ice on the copper lines at the indoor coil and the condenser. If you see ice shut the system down. Again you will need a diagnostic. If you do need central air repair in Holliday, our diagnostic fee is $79.00 and is waived if work is done.

A tune-up is recommended by all manufacturers every year. This includes cleaning the condenser coil with a chemical cleaner, checking refrigerant levels, checking for refrigerant leaks, checking air temperature differences and airflow as well as many other checks. Call us for an appointment or use our contact form if you have any questions.

Express Home Services can help you with even the most difficult central air repair in Holladay and surrounding areas. Our technicians receive the latest training from the industry and in-house training as well.

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