Clean ducts make a difference to both the efficiency of your HVAC system and the quality of the air in your home. Over time, dust and debris tend to build up in your ducts, clogging filters and finding their way into the air you and your family breathe.

Duct cleaning can help save you money while protecting your health.

Understanding Duct Systems

All homes with central HVAC systems have duct systems. Ductwork was developed to spread cool air through your home. Many earlier air conditioning systems simply piped air straight into rooms, which meant some parts were cold and others hot. A good duct system distributes air evenly through the building and keeps all rooms at the right temperature.

However, duct systems tend to collect dust and other contaminants. These might include mold, pollen, dirt, and soot from outside. From inside, dust is the primary concern, especially animal and human dander. These contaminants can then be blown back into the room and wind up in the air you breathe. Dirty ducts can result in more dust, unpleasant owners, and dirty vents. However, before things get to that point, your indoor air quality is compromised.

The Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning has four main benefits:

  1. Improved indoor air quality. When you get your ducts cleaned, you remove the built-up contaminants that can then travel back into the air in your home. Improved air quality supports overall health and elevates mood.
  2. Allergen reduction. Indoor and outdoor allergies can both be impacted by dirty ducts. Pollen coming in from outside can collect in your ducts, while dust in the ducts makes a perfect home for house dust mite. Pet and human dander can also collect in the ducts. Did you know a good percentage of house cats are allergic to human dander?
  3. Energy efficiency. Removing debris from the ducts improves air flow through the system, meaning your HVAC system isn’t working as hard to push air through your ducts. This can save quite a bit of money and reduce your carbon footprint.
  4. Extended HVAC System Lifespan. On the same note, if your system is working hard to push dust around or push air around debris, it is wearing faster. Cleaning your ducts can extend the life of your system and reduce the risk of a breakdown.

Some people get their ducts cleaned on a schedule, but you should watch for signs your ducts need cleaning.

The importance of cleaning your air ducts for improving indoor quality air

Signs Your Ducts Need Cleaning

Here are some signs your ducts could use some TLC:

  1. Increased dust build-up. When there is dust in your ducts, it gets blown into the house. You may notice dust building up on the registers, but dust from dirty ducts can accumulate anywhere. If you find yourself dusting more often and struggling to keep up, your ducts likely need cleaning.
  2. Persistent allergy symptoms. Increased allergy symptoms are also a sign that your ducts need cleaning. One key sign is if your outdoor allergies start following you indoors; this likely means there’s pollen in your ducts.
  3. Unpleasant odors. Dirty ducts can sometimes develop a musty or unpleasant smell. If the air coming from your HVAC registers smells, you really need to schedule a duct cleaner, as this can be a sign of mold in your ducts.
  4. Inconsistent airflow. Dirt and debris in your ducts can interfere with the even flow of air, resulting in cold or hotspots in a room, or even an entire room being an undesired temperature.

Watch for these signs and schedule a duct cleaner when you first see them, before they get any worse. If you are having allergy-like symptoms, it may also be worth getting your indoor air quality tested. An increase in your cooling bills can also be a sign that your ducts need work.

The Express Home Services Approach to Duct Cleaning

We are HVAC specialists who provide high quality duct cleaning, and will come out and clean your ducts in a timely manner. We have the correct equipment and offer years of professional expertise.

We can also give advice on other ways to improve your indoor air quality, such as updating your filters or adding air purifiers. A lot of the time, though, proper duct cleaning will make a huge difference.

We offer honest communication, with no upsells, and a customer satisfaction guarantee. If you still have problems after we clean your ducts, we will come back and do it again as well as helping you with next steps.

The Duct Cleaning Process

We start by inspecting your ducts to see if they really need to be cleaned and with a quick check of your system. For example, inconsistent air flow may be your ducts, or it may be an issue with your registers or a valve that has to be addressed.

We use special, powerful vacuum cleaners to suck all the debris out of your ducts. Sometimes, we need to use brushes, air whips, or compressed air to remove stuck debris. We put the entire system under negative pressure and all the dust in your ducts will end up in the vacuum cleaner to be disposed of. We will not release dust into your home and proper duct cleaning doesn’t create a mess.

If your ducts are leaking, we will then apply a sealant to the inside of your ducts. Modern sealants can be applied without the need to go through your entire duct system, and will reduce leaks, saving you money.

Once we are done, we will do another inspection and run your system to see if it is still producing dust. We can also test your indoor air quality for you.

The importance of air duct cleaning in providing quality air

Frequently Asked Questions About Duct Cleaning

How Often Should Ducts Be Cleaned?

In most cases, air ducts should be cleaned every three to five years, but you should watch for signs that it needs doing sooner.

Is Duct Cleaning Necessary For New Homes?

Yes! Construction often contaminates the inside of the brand new duct work. New homes should have their ducts cleaned before being occupied. If your home has been remodeled, you should also clean the ducts.

Can I Clean My Ducts Myself?

No. Proper duct cleaning requires expensive professional equipment and expertise. You can clean other parts of your HVAC system, such as registers and catch cans, but leave your ducts to the professionals.

What Are the Potential Cost Savings of Duct Cleaning?

The potential cost savings are unclear, but the overall cost saving of proper maintenance is 20 to 30% off your energy bill.

Maintaining Clean Ducts

The best way to save money on duct cleaning is to reduce the frequency at which you need it by maintaining good indoor air quality. This starts with doing regular HVAC maintenance. Get your system inspected in the spring and change filters at the interval the manufacturer recommends. If your system will take them, upgrade to HEPA filters, which catch more particles from the air.

You can also improve air quality by opening windows for natural ventilation, properly maintaining any gas appliances, and using natural products for cleaning when possible. If you have a fireplace, get your chimney cleaned as needed. And don’t let anyone smoke in your home, whether it’s tobacco or anything else.

Schedule a reminder to check your ducts every three to five years.

Duct Cleaning With Express Home Services

If your home keeps triggering your allergies, you may be due for a duct cleaning. The Express Home Services team will be glad to inspect your ducts and let you know what’s going on. Prioritize duct maintenance for cost savings, air quality, and the general health of everyone in your household. You can trust the expertise of Express Home Services. Contact us today to schedule your duct inspection and cleaning services.