It is well known that an air conditioning system is meant to last you for a significant period of time. Homeowners should also note that this is only true when they are scheduling routine maintenance. Not only will a tune-up prolong the life span of your unit, but when conducted by an HVAC expert at Express Home Services, we will also be able to alert you to any minor issues with your air conditioner unit before it becomes a costly repair.

In addition to routine maintenance, there are a few things that you need to keep an eye out for year-round because they generally indicate some problems in the air conditioner that might require you to carry out repair work.
  • Home is not reaching the desired temperature
    This is generally the first thing that might get you to think that you need air conditioner repair in West Valley City. A lot of different things might be causing this issue, but the most commonly referred problem is a lack of Freon. Normally, this would require an HVAC technician to dispose of the current Freon and replace it with a new one. This is dangerous, and should only be completed by an HVAC professional.
  • Insufficient airflow
    This is another very common problem that might require you to carry out some repair work in West Valley City. However, keep in mind that you should first check the air filters because they might be dirty. If so, the dust is going to prevent the air from flowing which would ultimately result in the given problem. To replace your filter, simply remove the front panel of your indoor AC unit and remove your old filter (size will be listed on the filter).
  • Air Conditioner is making strange sounds
    Now, the main intention of air conditioning repair in West Valley City is to provide a cool environment and a comfortable home, all at the same time. If the unit is making annoying noises then it surely won’t be as comfortable as you would expect it to be. This is another sign that you might need someone to carry out a repair of your system. The problem might be as tiny as a loosened nut, but you will want to schedule an appointment with an HVAC professional at Express Home Services to ensure there is not a larger issue.
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