The types of heaters and air conditioners in Murray Utah are varied. Many of the homes there were built in the 40s’ and have had the furnace or air conditioner replaced before. We at Express Home Services understand that homes such as these require custom HVAC services. Older homes in Murray may have less insulation and single-pane windows which in many cases requires a larger half ton of air conditioning.

There are many companies to choose from when you need air conditioner repair in Murray. When making the all-important decision of who you will have come to your home make sure to consider the reputation of the company. Express Home Services are highly rated on and we have many Google reviews which we encourage you to read. We are proud of the many lifelong customers that we have made in Murray.

Air conditioners often break down on the hottest days of the year. It is not unusual for temperatures to reach 100 degrees in Murray during the summer months. One way to avoid the need for air conditioner repair in Murray during this peak season is to have Express Home Services perform a 20-point central air tune-up on your air conditioner. Our technicians can inspect and test your HVAC system so you can be prepared should any issues with it be found.

Heater installation Murray Utah

We offer many heating systems which are tailored to our customer’s needs. If your home or rental needs a heater installation in Murray Utah we have you covered. There are many models with different features to choose from. Below are just a few of our favorites:

Amana 80% efficient single-stage:

This furnace is an affordable yet quality option for many homeowners. This furnace uses a single-stage gas valve and a multi-speed PSC motor. The heavy-gauge steel cabinet is fully insulated and the gasketed blower door is very easy to open. It will not qualify for any rebates and does not have the whistles and bells of some of our other options but will provide reliable operation for many years if properly maintained.

Amana 80% efficient 2 stages with variable speed blower motor:

A two-stage operation will heat your home in a more comfortable way. Two-stage furnaces heat your home evenly and are quieter than a single-stage furnace. They are great for homes with more than one floor and even out those hot and cold spots. On second stage operation, the two-stage gas valve will increase output delivering more heat into the furnace and at the same time the variable speed motor will automatically ramp up delivering more air through the vents. The blower speed can easily be turned up or down and will be customized by our installer to fit your home.

Amana 95% 2 stages with variable speed blower motor:

This is our most popular furnace and it is a real workhorse! It is one of the cheapest furnaces to operate and the most reliable. It is 95% efficient and qualifies for a $400 Questar rebate. It has two stages of heating and a variable-speed blower motor. Two-stage furnaces provide more even temperatures throughout the home helping to eliminate that cold basement problem. Most of the days in the fall and spring the furnace will only need to use the first stage which will provide you more comfort and be gentle on your utility bills. The variable-speed blower is quiet and only uses the electricity needed to do the job. With this furnace we can easily adjust the airflow at the time of installation, customizing it for your home and preferences.

Whether you are in need of a heater or air conditioner repair in Murray or even just a central air tune-up you can rest assured that we have the know-how to get you the information you need to make decisions on your HVAC system. To schedule please call Express Home Services today.

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