Homeowners in Midvale can count on reliable, fair, and honest service from Express Home Services. We have been providing air conditioning repair services in Midvale Utah since 2004. We understand that when your central air quits working it’s a major inconvenience. You want it fixed quickly and at a fair price. The technicians at Express Home Services can offer you several options to fix and improve your central air system so you can go about your day.

Repair Options:

When one of our techs comes to your home to evaluate why your central air system has broken down they first do an overall assessment. They check to see if the filter set up is adequate, check the refrigerant, inspect the evaporative coil, check the airflow, and see if the electrical components are working. Once this central air evaluation has been completed they can provide repair, and sometimes replacement options, for your central air system.

Option #1 is a band-aid option. This will get your air conditioner up and running but will not address the issues that caused the failure. It’s the bare minimum needed to get your air conditioner to blow out cold air. If you need some time to plan for a more extensive repair then this may be your only option. Perhaps you are going to sell your home and are not willing to make a major investment in it at this time. We do not recommend this option; however, we understand that it may not be a financially convenient time to address your heating and cooling issues on this visit.

Option #2. This option will not only get your air conditioner working, but will also address the issues that caused it to break down. This may include pulling and cleaning the blower fan, cleaning the coil, improving the filter set up, adjusting the airflow, replacing worn-out parts, and more. This option is a good choice if the homeowner has recently moved to Midvale and is planning on staying in the home for more than 5 years.

Replacement options:

If the central air or heating system is over 10 years old, is a builders model, or is too damaged to repair our technicians may recommend a replacement. They can give you options for a 13 SEER, 16 SEER, and more Amana air conditioners. These air conditioners will come with different warranties that the tech can explain. We have no interest, 18-month financing to make the purchase as convenient as possible.

Our central air systems use the new standard refrigerant called R-410a. Usually, we can use your existing refrigerant lines after chemically cleaning them and blowing them out with compressed nitrogen. We extend and reinsulate the refrigerant lines where needed and install a cased, insulated refrigerant coil on top of your furnace. Next, we modify the ductwork and tie this coil in with a custom metal transition. In most cases, the outdoor unit will sit on a new 3” plastic pad which is leveled and secured. Once everything is installed we adjust the refrigerant and airflow for maximum efficiency.

We guarantee that your new central air system will work flawlessly for many years to come. It will be more efficient than your previous one and in most cases quieter. Enjoy the comfort and peace of mind of a new air conditioner from Express Home Services! Call us today!

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