Holladay Utah has one of the richest histories of all Utah cities. Named after Mormon pioneer John Holladay it is the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in Utah. Many of the homes require special considerations when it comes to their heating and air conditioning repair in Holladay. We have repaired and installed thousands of air conditioners in this fine city. Express Home Services are proud to service our friends and neighbors in Holladay.

Air Cleaners

There are two types of air cleaners we recommend, media air cleaners and electronic air cleaners. Media air cleaners use a 4-inch-wide filter that needs to be changed twice a year. It is defiantly an upgrade from the standard 1-inch filter. The replacement filters can be found at most home improvement stores with the brands we install. The second type is an electronic air cleaner. This air cleaner uses an electric cell to kill germs and bacteria. The other two parts filter the pollens and allergens that so many of us suffer from. In most cases these types we only install these types of filters with new furnace installation.

An additional benefit to a medial air cleaner is that it protects your HVAC system. A thick filter mounted on the outside of your furnace will filter out dust, debris, and pet hair. When these contaminants get into your HVAC equipment they increase the odds that you will need an air conditioner repair in Holladay Utah.

UV lights

If an electronic air cleaner is not an option a UV light might be the solution. These lights have been used in hospitals to reduce germs and bacteria. They can be installed in your ductwork and wired into the furnace to provide the needed electricity.

Nest Thermostats

You have probably heard of the Nest thermostat; it really is a great product. These thermostats “learn” your preferences within the first two weeks. You can also control it with your smartphone even when you are hundreds of miles away. Your home does need to have wireless internet (Wi-Fi) to use this feature. The app for your smartphone is free and there are no monthly charges. Express Home Services will install these thermostats at cost with a furnace or central air installation. For more information on these visit www.nest.com.

Air conditioner repair in Holladay Utah is our specialty. Express Home Services have many Google and Angie’s List reviews from our customers in this area and we encourage our customers in the area to check them out. Give us a call and we can discuss the needs of your Holladay home.

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