We understand how uncomfortable living conditions can be when your air conditioning system is not working to its maximum efficiency or is not working at all. When you call Express Home Services conditioner repair in Draper, our immediate objective is to remedy the situation as soon as possible in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Air conditioner repair in Draper – What you can expect from Express Home Services:
  • Schedule a Same-day Appointment With an Expert Technician
    One of our customer service representatives will dispatch a highly trained, HVAC-certified service technician to your home as soon as reasonably possible.
  • Educate the Homeowner on HVAC Equipment
    Upon arrival, the technician will inform and educate you regarding the equipment that is currently cooling your home and review with you what it takes to adequately maintain your system in an effort to prolong its’ life.
  • Diagnose the Issue
    Our technician will then investigate and test your equipment to determine the severity of any existing problem.
  • Provide Options and Estimates
    Our technician will provide a straightforward assessment of the situation and recommend a solution with the repair or replacement options. We will always provide you with an estimate and will secure your approval prior to any work being started.
  • No Pressure Recommendations
    Once we make our recommendations, the decision is up to you!

We are in business to service our Draper customers over the long haul and that means doing things right the first time. Keeping our promises and maintaining our company standards has served us well over the past 13 years and these values will guide us in the years to come. Give us a call and experience the difference that Express Home Services can make in your home comfort today!

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