When it comes to furnishing or renovating your home, it is easy to forget the small details that can make a huge difference in your daily life. An often overlooked, but important detail to functionality in the home, is the placement of electrical outlets. Improper outlet placement can cause frustration and inconvenience.

 Read our guide to know the top 8 essential places where you should have outlets installed in your home. That way you can ensure every room is ready to meet your electrical needs. 

8 Places That You Should Install Outlets in Your Home

1. Living Room

Your living room should be a place to relax from a long day of work and can even be a great place to socialize with family and friends. Installing an outlet on every wall of your living space can make it easier for others to use the power source when needed. Outlets near the seating areas or entertainment areas are the best locations for plugging in lamps, chargers, or your television.

2. Bedroom

Outlets can be placed near the bed for easy access when charging phones or tablets. We highly recommend installing USB outlets behind your nightstands. This is a popular request among homeowners who want to charge their phones at night. Nightstand outlets can fully prepare for the next day ahead and know your phone won’t die when setting your morning alarm. 

Bedroom outlets can also be placed near dressers, vanities, or other furniture where you will most likely use your electronics. Additionally, think about how many people will share that room to get a better idea of the outlet placement. 

We also recommend installing a switched, (half-hot) outlet for easy control of your light switch. One half is always ready to provide electricity while the other half can be switched on or off. 

3. Kitchen

Pay special attention to where you prefer cooking and what specific appliances you use when preparing tasty meals for your family. Plan ahead and find areas that allow you to cook or bake without moving too many things around. Kitchen outlets provide you with the functionality to cook or bake with ease! You may want to also install outlets along your kitchen island or inside the pantry. 

4. Bathroom

Water and electricity can be a bad idea, but no worries! The professionals at Express Home Services are well-trained in knowing what safety standards and precautions to follow to avoid danger. We are fully aware of electrical guidelines that can prevent your cords or outlets from getting wet. 

There are a few places you may want to consider when requesting an outlet installation in your bathroom:

  • Near the sink for styling your hair or even for listening to your favorite tunes while you get ready.
  • The toilet area is a great location if you are planning to install a bidet toilet seat into any of your bathrooms.
  • Inside the medicine cabinet or drawers that can provide you with additional convenience when charging your electric toothbrush or electric razors.  

Keep in mind that all bathroom outlets have to be GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupters). It is important to consult with a licensed electrician to ensure that any outlets meet all electrical codes. 

5. Home Office

Whether you started to work remotely or have an extra room for crafts, specific outlets can help you to feel more productive in your work! Consider workspace areas and USB ports in your office area. 

6. Hallway or Entryway

Outlets that are placed near the front door or in your hallways can make it much easier for you to clean, vacuum, add additional lighting, or plug in other devices. 

7. Garage

Garages are a great place to start home projects which means it is also a great place to install outlets! Outlets can charge up power tools that allow you to work on your car or other DIY projects. Having the right amount of electrical power in the area where you most likely will be working, garage outlets can provide you with a smooth workflow. 

8. Outdoor Areas

Outdoor Outlets can come in handy for all your backyard celebrations and activities. There are several reasons why you should add outlets to your outdoor living space:

  • For entertainment
  • Outdoor heating and lighting 
  • Convenient for your BBQ island
  • Decorating for the holidays
  • Music
  • DIY projects
  • And more!

Don’t miss out on all the fun and possibilities that can come from having the right amount of outdoor outlets!

8 Places That You Should Install Outlets in Your Home

Important Considerations Before Calling Your Electrician

Before calling to schedule a professional electrician to install outlets in your home, we highly recommend that you prepare and plan out where all your outlets may be needed. This will help you to avoid running into any type of frustration or inconvenience when powering up your home. 

Here are some tips you can apply when determining the best location for installing outlets:

  • The National Electrical Code® advises that any living space should have an outlet installed along the floor line at intervals of no more than 6 feet. This guide explains how many outlets you can have installed in each living space. 
  • Identify the power needs of the room or specific area where the outlet may be installed. Will it be used for smaller devices or heavy-duty appliances, such as a washing machine or refrigerator?
  • If you plan to decorate your home for the upcoming holidays, you may want to consider where the best place to display holiday decor is. Do you have a fireplace in your home? From personal experience, we have discovered that an outlet installed near the fireplace mantel is a great location to set up your holiday decor. 
  • Depending on the layout of your room or area in the home, be on the lookout for any obstacles of furniture or housing decorations that may make it difficult to access your phone charging station or other necessary power sources.
  • Take note of the height of the outlet that will be needed to accommodate specific needs. For example, this will be useful to know when you decide where you might mount a TV. 
  • Ask yourself if there are any safety concerns to consider and any high risk of electrical shocks or fire hazards. Your electrician will be a great source of knowledge for any safety related questions you might have. 
  • An outlet with a USB charging port or built-in surge protector, known as a (transient suppressor) could be a great option for certain spaces in the home. 

As you consider these helpful suggestions before starting your next home project, you can feel confident in knowing that each outlet is planned out carefully to meet you and your family needs. 

Contact an Electrician Near You! 

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