You may be wondering what the difference between a 13 SEER A/C unit vs a 16 SEER unit is. It can be difficult and confusing to determine what the best and most efficient equipment for your house is. Here at Express Home Services, our main objective is to get you the equipment that is the right match. SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. Air conditioners come in various SEER ratings. Generally, the higher the SEER, the more efficient it is. If you are dealing with hot days and cool evenings you may want to consider a higher SEER amount. 13 SEER A/C units are single stage, which is cheaper initially but cost more to run in the same amount of time you’d be using the 16 SEER unit. The 16 SEER unit is two-stage, making it more efficient. Though it is more expensive initially, it saves you money in the long run by lowering your energy costs and has less of an impact on the environment.

It is important to understand that SEER ratings don’t tell the whole story. If you are in a hot or humid climate you are going to need a higher SEER. Air conditioners actually go up to as high as 20-22 SEER and can be very expensive for no reason other than a company trying to make a profit off you. The way you determine your annual energy cost and SEER size is through this formula –[(Size of AC system x 12,000 / SEER] x 2100 = amount of Watt-Hour used annually. ) With this formula, we have calculated an annual operating cost of $805.00 for a 13 SEER unit, and a $632.50 annual operating cost of a 16 SEER unit. Other factors that can influence the efficiency of your system are your insulation and ductwork. So please, let Express Home Services come and give you an honest bid that is the glass slipper fit for your home.

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