One of the most important considerations when replacing your HVAC system is airflow. If the air moving through your ductwork is inadequate the system will not work properly. Components such as blower motors, capacitors, compressors, ignitors, limit switches, inducer fan motors, and condenser fan motors will fail! Your central air will freeze over, the furnace will overheat, the heat exchanger will crack, and you will have hot and cold spots in your home, even with the most expensive HVAC equipment. The efficiency rating of the system will be obsolete without proper airflow. A common problem we see is in homes along the Wasatch Front is poor ductwork design. Return airdrops are too small, there isn’t enough return air, furnaces do not sit on a base, trunk lines are too small, and the living space is lacking supply air registers. If your home is over 20 years old chances are that you will need ductwork upgrades to accommodate a modern variable speed furnace and/or high-efficiency central air system.

Fortunately, at Express Home Services, we preach airflow to our technicians and installers. We attend training in order to stay current with the new technology developed by Amana. Believe it or not, we now set up blower speeds, ramping profiles, and shut down preferences via Bluetooth. That’s right…the furnace communicates with the installer’s phone via an app so he can easily customize your furnace for optimum performance!

All of our systems are designed for the manufactures recommendation of 400 cfm per ton. Through trial and error, we have developed solutions to provide proper airflow in every HVAC system we install. Because every home is different we custom design your HVAC system based upon your existing ductwork. In most cases, we put the furnace on a base that we fabricate so that air is pulled from the side AND bottom of the furnace. Sometimes it’s necessary to replace the return airdrop. We will often open up the supply side of the plenum (air going out) in order to deliver more air through the trunk lines which means more air coming through your registers. Frequently we fabricate the return air (air going in) with what’s called a “Dutchman”. This where we cut open the return airdrop at right at the point where it connects to the external filter. By doing this more air from your home is pulled through the HVAC system which is a good thing!

As stated before every home is different. You can rest assured that our trained installers have the experience to go the extra mile when assembling your HVAC system. We don’t take shortcuts. They are paid by the hour and are encouraged to take their time to do it right. With warranties like ours, it’s the only way.

Ask us how to get better airflow and longer life expectancy on your furnace. Call to schedule a free estimate from one of our experts.

At Express Home Services, we offer the best HVAC solutions for your home!